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Free Doctor, Doc Games

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Operate Now: Skin Surgery

It’s a high-pressure job…but someone’s got to do it!

Appendix Surgery

Tara isn't feeling well.

Doc McStuffins And Friends

Doc McStuffins is really crowded today with lots of patients, so she requested your delicate hands and medical skills in helping her around the cabinet and examine all patients. Check up, prescribe the best treatment and have fun with Doc McStuffins today.

Operate Now: Scoliosis Surgery

Doctor, you’re needed in the OR. This patient is counting on you!

Elsa Frozen Flu Doctor

Even Elsa catches a flu when it\\\'s cold and windy outside but her symptoms are so different! Be Elsa\\\'s doctor and go through a complete check up. Take her temperature, listen to her heartbeat and try to find the proper treatment for this ice queen. Some nasal spray and a little bit of oxygen should do the trick, but watch out when she sneezes! She can freeze everything around her, take good care of Elsa because the fate of Arendelle is in your hands.

Big Foot Doctor

You play football and you had a pretty rought game. You had some little injury and you have to fix it for the next game. Make sure to have a perfect foot for the next game.

Dora Bee Sting Doctor

Dora was attacked by bees and now she has to see a doctor! Curious Dora went to play with the bees without wearing any special clothes, what a big mistake! Although she is an explorer, the bees scared her really bad so you must make sure she is OK. Go through a complete check up and give her the proper medicine to calm her down before treating her injuries. The syrup, spray and cream will make the wounds go away in an instant and the oxygen mask will help the little girl relax and breathe correctly. Now cute Dora is fine and she is ready to go out in search of another great adventure!

Heart Surgery

Heart surgeons need courage and a steady hand—are you up to it?

Finn At The Doctor

Finn had a horrible accident and was injured. He is badly hurt and needs your help. As a professional doctor, your mission is to help him healing his wounds using medical kit available in the game.

Hospital Frenzy 2

The first hospital\'s service was a big success, and has built bigger than previous. Help the nurse to take care of the patients. Reach the daily goals and unlock fancy upgrades for the hospital.rnrnControls:rnClick and hold mouse to drag the patient to the right treatment.

Operate Now: Epilepsy Surgery

Doctor, this patient needs an operation to end her seizures. Get to the OR on the double.

Operate Now: Eye Surgery

Scrub up, step into the OR, and prepare for a life-changing operation.

Operate Now: Brain Surgery

As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?

Cute Girl Tooth Problems

This cute girl is having some tooth problems in this new dentist game and you will be solving them for her. Use the tools you need to clean her teeth and give her a nice white smile.

Ambulance Truck Driver 2

Whee-ooo, whee-ooo, whee-ooo!! The sound of paramedics fills...

SpongeBob At The Dentist

SpongeBob has decided to change his look and to become a handsome man, so firstly he wants to work on his teeth. They look awful.

Pou Bad Teeth

Right now he needs help from a dentist, so he can have back his glowing smile. Play the dentist role for him and replace the decayed teeth with white teeth and his mom will never know.

Anna Frozen Flu Doctor

Dora was attacked by bees and now she has to see a doctor! Curious Dora went to play with the bees without wearing any special clothes, what a big mistake! Although she is an explorer, the bees scared her really bad so you must make sure she is OK. Go through a complete check up and give her the proper medicine to calm her down before treating her injuries. The syrup, spray and cream will make the wounds go away in an instant and the oxygen mask will help the little girl relax and breathe correctly. Now cute Dora is fine and she is ready to go out in search of another great adventure!

Baby Monster Flu Doctor

Baby Draculaura caught a cold while playing in the rain with her friend so she rushed to the doctor. Go through a complete check up and give her a special treatment for baby monsters. Take her temperature, listen to her heartbeat and give her the right medicine that will cure her flu. Two or three pumps of nasal spray, magical coughing liqueur and a few breaths in the oxygen mask will make baby Draculaura feel brand new. Now that she is all healthy and well again, she can put on the raincoat and go out to play some more with her Monster High baby friend.

Baby Monster Real Dentist

In Baby Monster Real Dentist you must play the role of the doctor and treat the monster\'s tooth quickly, before it gets any worse. The cute baby monster ate so much candy that her tooth started hurting and she rushed to the dentist. First of all brush her teeth to kill the bacteria and then start drilling and treating the bad tooth. The little one may be a baby monster, but she is still afraid of pain. When she starts crying, play with her toys, only then you can continue working on her tooth. Now the cavity is gone and the baby monster will be forever grateful that you healed her tooth

Operate Now: Knee Surgery

This young skateboarder has injured his knee and needs surgery. Get down to the OR on the double, Doc.

Girl At The Dentist

It looks like the music studio is not the only place where our teenage singer will be going today, she has an appointment at one of the most famous dentist's office. She has some trouble with her teeth, and for the last couple of days she could not support any more pain, so she must get rid of the bad tooth that's upsetting her and also clean her teeth from bacteria and other cavities. Help our girl get her smile back and have fun being a dentist for a day!


WTF Doc is one very strange but entertaining game! You will ...

Hospital Frenzy

A lot of things happen during a normal hospital service. Take care of all the poor patients and send them to the right treatment. The upperfloor of the hospital will be unlocked in the later levels of this great time management game for girls.rnrnUse the mouse to drag the patient to the right treatment.

Hospital Frenzy 2

During the past few days, there is an urgent need of bigger ...

Doctor Anna Foot

Can you help Anna? She will be very grateful to you ! Come on ! Cleaning up the feet and choose a pair of comfortable shoes.

Baby Karl At Dentist

Baby Karl has eaten too many candies and now he has big teeth problems, so he needs to see dentist. Brush his teeth, clean them, heal his cavities and so on in this simulation game.

Operate Now : Tonsil Surgery

Doctor, Doctor ! You need to operate—these tonsils must come out now. Have fum playing online this new simulation game for girls on Fizizi !

Operate Now: Stomach Surgery

The Game Description Get down to the x-ray room on the double, doc. There’s a patient who needs you. How to Play A young man named Kevin has swallowed something dangerous and he needs to have an operation, stat. Get ready to discover the source of his tummy trouble in this exciting surgery game. Begin [...]

Baby Tooth Problems

This baby is having some tooth problems and in this girl dentist game you will need to sort them out and giver her a nice smile with some really white teeth so they will shine in the TV show.

Baby Carmen At Dentist

Baby Carmen has eaten too many candies and now he has big teeth problems, so he needs to see dentist. Brush her teeth, clean them, heal her cavities and so on in this simulation game.

Baby Flu Doctor Care

Wearing thin clothes in the middle of blizzard made the baby feel cold and catch a flu. As she went out on the playground in a beautiful winter day, the disobedient baby took her scarf off along with her cap because she thought they were useless. As the night came, the arctic wind soon transformed into a cold snow storm. She felt so sick that only the doctor could help her, so they rushed to the hospital. Can you heal the disobedient baby in Baby Flu Doctor Care and make her healthy again? She promised to never stay inappropriately dressed in the blizzard from now on.

Operate Now: Knee Surgery

This young skateboarder has injured his knee and needs surgery. Get down to the OR on the double, Doc.

Operate Now: Dental Surgery

Oh no! It\'s all fun and games until someone chips a tooth. Time to go to the dentist...

Cute Farm Hospital

Help! These farmyard cuties need your veterinary skills to get back on their paws.

Angela And Tom At The Dentist

Angela and Tom have problems with teeth, and turning to the dental office.You will become the most famous doctor if you manage to solve their problems.Have fun playing this new dentist game for girls

Draculaura Foot Doctor

It needs to be cleaned up and looked after, so use all your utensils to clean, disinfect, band aid the wounds and make Draculaura happy again with a beautiful and healthy foot.

Puppy Pets Exam

This Puppy has stumbled into a big mess and now he hurts everywhere. His whole body hurts. Play doctor and help him get well!

Talking Tom Ambulance

Talking Tom hurt himself.You're the only person in the ambulance, but if you'll follow the doctor's directions, Tom will feel better.

Baby Flu Doctor Care

This little girl played in the street too long and caught 'flu! Now she is lying in her bed and waiting for a doctor who will cure her.

Sam Bike Accident

Poor Little Sam has come to your hospital for treatment, as he was severely injured due to a bike accident this morning. Check his health condition and treat his injuries. Help him to recover. Have Fun!!.

Nurse Dress Up

Here you can play Nurse Dress Up.

The GeRms

Clean the body from geRms. In The Germs game you need to destroy all germs on body. Germs can only be removed in colour groups of two or more.If you leave one germs from a species, you will fail automaticly. You have 6 lives in game. Have Fun!

Smelly Tooth Problems

The baby monster needs you in this monster dentist game because you have to show him that even monsters should have healthy teeth and also white ones so they can smile instead of being angry all the time. Use the mouse to fix the monsters small teeth.

Monster High Doctor Cabinet

Monster High may look like an ordinary school, but look closely and explore the freaky halls and you will find rather non-traditional students, just involved in a non-conventional fight with deadly weapons. Now Clawdeen, Abbey Bominable, Frankie Stein and Twyla are waiting for you to be their creepy doctor, heal their injuries with all your horrific tools and make them once again drop dead gorgeous

Cat Boy Tooth Problems

Your friend needs you in this dentist game and you will need to help him as his teeth are in quite a bad condition. Make his smile fresh and white again in order to make him happy. rnUse the mouse to interact.

Doc McStuffins Heals Friends

If you are feeling sad and blue, do not worry, Doc McStuffins knows best and will make you feel better. With the help of her first-aid kit, she can heal her beloved toys and she will not stop until a diagnosis is made. Lambie, Stuffy, Hallie and Chilly are feeling down, so help Doc McStuffins in the clinic, find out what is wrong and fix their wounds.

Foot Surgery Doctor

Be a food surgery doctor and prove your best doctor skills in this leg surgery challenge. There is a foot (leg) with serious injuries and it need to be operate and clean for all the damage that was made. Help us with your foot doctor experience, give us the best emergency treatment, the foot is badly injured and it needs a virtual operation straight away. Stay focused and do the best foot treatment you have in order to heal.

Kids Doctor

No Description

Elsa Hand Surgery

Elsa was having a walk when she slipped on ice and injured herself. She broke her hand and she has many injuries that need medical care. Do all you can to heal Elsa s hand. Use the tools to remove the ice splinters cleandisinfect and bandage Elsa s wounds. She also needs an x ray and a cast for her broken hand. In the end Elsa will recover and she will feel much better. Have fun

Barbie At Hand Doctor

Oh no Barbie tripped and landed on thorns seriously injuring herself. Ken immediately brought her to your clinic for a check up and treatment so use your tools examine her wounds clean disinfect and bandage them and Barbie will go home feeling much better.

Nose Doctor

Some people caught a cold and they have problems with their nose. You have to help them and use the doctor tools on the tray to heal and clean their nose full of bacterias. Can you do that doctor

Violetta Dentist

Beautiful Violeta has serious problems with her teeth. You remember her perfect and beautiful smile Now it is gone and she needs a really good dentist to give her back the perfect smile. Can you handle this tough job Use the tools in the tray to whiten her teeth remove cavities or even replace some black teeth that she really has to get rid of.

Zoe At Throat Doctor

Get ready kids, roll up your sleeves and turn into a throat doctor.Zoe and Sam last night had their great ice cream party. And now they are suffering from severe throat infection. Help them to get cured from the throat ache


Baby Elsa played to close to the stair case and she slipped. She got really scared and she is covered in bruises and minor injuries. Do your best to help her recover. Follow the instructions and use the medical tools and medicine to make Elsa feel better. Enjoy


Sofia had swim in the lake near the castle and something got in her ear. Now she is in great pain and she is very scared. Use your skills to help her get better. Follow the instructions and use the tools to remove all the germs and bacteria that are causing her pain. Sofia will feel much better thanks to you.


Because she is very busy healing toys McStuffins neglected her own health. Now she is at the dentist with serious teeth problems. Help Mcstuffins get cleanhealthy teeth so she can go on with her job and help more toys.

Cinderella Injured

You have another famous patient in your clinic. Cinderella got injured while she was cleaning the house and she needs your help. Use the tools in the indicated order and make her injuries and wounds heal. She will feel much better once you finish. Enjoy


The royal family has requested your skillful medical services because their precious little baby has been crying all night long and they do not know what to do anymore. It seems that he has developed an ear infection so use your tools administer the perfect treatment and make this sweet little baby well again. The royal family will be really grateful maybe you will become a royal doctor


Today we gonna teach you how to perform a complete eye examination This kids need your help and we should see if their eyes are as good as always Pay attention and remember that their health depend on you


Help this monster girl get rid of a nasty ear infection. She is about to lose her hearing if you do not treat her rapidly and with great caution. Follow each step and make sure she does not feel any pain. In the end monster girl will be very happy and ready to play with her monster friends.

Dr. Joe: Pet Vet

Provide medical care to sick animals!

Cute Horse Hospital

You?re an equestrian veterinarian who owns a barnyard rife with patients!

Hospital Admin

No Description

Deadly Doc

No Description

Smelly Feet Surgery

Help this poor homeless man. He had a terrible accident and he has a broken leg. No one wants to help him because of his dirty and smelly feet and you are his last chance. Clean his feetdisinfect the injured areas and perform the complicated surgery to fix his leg. He will be very grateful for your help.Have fun

Talking Ginger In Hospital

Ginger is not feeling well at all and he decided to go to the hospital. Make some investigations to see what is wrong with him. Use the tools in the indicated order to heal Ginger s sickness. Have fun

Tom Hospital Recovery

Help Tom recover after he felt and got hurt. He has many broken bones and some cuts. Follow the right steps and use the medical instruments to heal him.Remove the fish bones from his fur clean and disinfect the wounds check for broken bones and use the bandage and cast to heal the fractures. Enjoy

Baby Minion Nose Doctor

Baby Minion is really sick and has come to you for a quick treatment. Clean up his nose full of bacterias kill them all spray then wipe off his cute little nose.

Clinic Nurse Dress Up

A beautiful collection of Clinic Nurse dresses are about to amaze you in this cool dress up game.

Dora The Explorer, At The Doctor

Dora was riding her bike when she hit a fence and hurt herself.

Santa At The Doctor

Santa Claus had an accident while trying to enter the chimney to leave presents for good kids.

Operate Now: Leg Surgery

Surgery saves lives...if you can handle the heat! Follow the head nurse's instructions to operate on Jeffrey's leg.

Arm Surgery 2

Race against time to save a life in this virtual ER!

Leroy\'s Trouble

Leroy lost his hat! Control Leroy trough different worlds and adventures in the quest for his hat. You will find many strange flies and creatures, be aware!\r\n \r\nLeroy will follow the mouse. Read the tips and discover the different kinds of flies. Eat them to gain points. You will learn a lot reading the tips...

Explorer Boy Nose Doctor

This explorer boy came to you in this new doctor game with the hopes that you can fix the problems that he has with his nose. Use the tools and follow the instructions to clear his nose and make him good as new. rnUse the mouse to play this cool doctor game.

Fairy Ear Doctor

A fairy has a problem with his ear and you have to take her to the doctor. Make sure her hair will be fine again.

Hand Surgery

No Description

Dora Sunburn

Dora enjoyed her fantastic holiday to an exotic island to the best and tried to catch every sunbeam to get that perfect tan, yet all she managed to get is an irritated skin and a ride to the hospital for immediate medical care. Get tips for soothing Dora?s sunburned skin, make sure that she drinks plenty of fluids, put the perfusion, treat her irritated skin with pills, creams, and cool her body with an icebag. Dora will learn her lesson and next time she will use sun protection creams.

Baby Juliet Eye Care

Even if she's little, baby Juliet has realized that she can't see well from the distance. She realized this in the cinema, while she was watching her favorite movie. Juliet has left immediately to the doctor, to see if she really has eye problems. Help her to go through those tests, so she can come back quickly to her favorite movie.

Girl Eye Doctor

The princess will be here in a eye doctor game and you will need to make sure that her eyesight is back to normal after the delicate procedure you will perform on her cut eyes. Use the mouse to interact.

The Pet Hospital

Cure the pets by having them to be examined and given the right treatment.

Sofia At The Dentist

Sofia wants to get rid of the toothache and a beautiful smile again, so would you like to help her? Change her decayed teeth with white teeth and she will definitely feel better.

Elsa Pregnant With Twins

Elsa was hurt by a wood chip while she was in her garden. She is in the ambulance and you need to take care of her rapidly because she is pregnant. Make sure she and her babies are fine. Follow the instructions and use the tools to remove the splinter and heal Elsa s wound. Make sure you give her an injection and a pill to stop any infection. Elsa will feel much better in minutes. Have fun!

Sofia The First Real Surgery

Sofia feels terrible after she had a car accident. She has an ugly cut on her face and several bruises. She was rushed to the hospital and you have to perform the surgery that will fix her face cut. Work with extreme care andwhile Sofia is asleep disinfect and stitch her wound. When she wakes up she will have a beautiful face again. Have fun

Heal Dora Hand

Dora stuck her hand in a box and now she is hurt. You are the best doctor in town so now you have to take care of our cute Dora and heal her hand using the tools provided. Can you proove you are a good doctor and heal Dora

Pou Girl In The Ambulance

Ladies are you ready to test your doctor skills in this amazing game Poor Pou Girl had a bad bike accident and hurt herself pretty bad. She is not feeling well so she was taken with the ambulance for an exam and treatment. Pou Girl will feel better if you are by her side so start the treatment and make her well again. Put the oxygen mask to relax Pou Girl and the EKG to monitor her heart beats use the pliers to remove that painful splinter bandage her wounds ice to make the bruise go away and an injection to prevent infections and fever. Pou Girl will be alright thanks to you doc

Dora Care

Dora hurt herself on her last adventure and needs you to take a look at her wounds and prevent future infections. Use your tools disinfect the injured area add powder and a bandage heal her bruise and Dora will be better quickly.

Zombies At Dentist

Here is a chance for you to take dental care of the zombies. They have come to your clinic for treatment. So treat all the problems, remove decayed teeth, germs and give them back their ghoulish smile. Have Fun!!

Frozen Elsa Baby Birth

Beautiful ice queen Elsa will give birth very soon to a lovely baby frozen boy so she needs our help to prepare to go to the hospital. Join Elsa and her trusted friend Olaf in this nice game pack all the things she needs then stay with her at the hospital. She will need the best caring so be a great doctor and bring into the world the cutest frozen baby. Take good care of our sweet baby boy change his diaper calm him down with the pacifier and put him in his mothers arm. Share the happiness with Elsa in this great baby game.

Sheriff Callie Injured

Your medical skills are needed urgently. Sheriff Callie is in bad condition after she was trapped in the middle of an accident. You have to clean and disinfect her wounds so it does not get infected. Next apply bandages and make sure her heart is ok.


Use your doctor skills to heal Elsa s wounds. She tries to learn how to ride a horse but is not as easy as it looks because she keeps falling down. Use the medical tools and follow the instructions to make her get rid of the pain and feel healthy again.


When the weather is really hot an icecream is more than welcomed to refresh but this sweet little girl ate so fast that now her throat aches. Would you take care of her examine and prescribe a magical syrup and pills that will make her feel better


Let us help the Queen of ice recover after she injured her delicate foot. Use the medical tools in the right order and follow the instructions to heal the bruises scratches and blisters from Elsa s foot. She will feel much better once you finish your job.


Baby Monster has caught a cold and now he is having problems with his nose. Examine his nose first then decide what procedure is best in order to make him feel better by using your sophisticated tools.


Rapunzel was attacked by a bad man and she was badly injured. She has some ugly wounds on her face that need your care and attention. Follow the steps and use the magical medicine to heal her injuries one by one. Have fun

Dora Perfect Teeth

Make Dora look her best with a picture-perfect smile!

Leg Surgery

Perform leg surgeries in a realistic hospital environment!

Le Casse Dents

Here you can play Le Casse Dents.