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Free Doctor, Doc Games

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Appendix Surgery

Tara isn't feeling well.

Operate Now: Scoliosis Surgery

Doctor, you’re needed in the OR. This patient is counting on you!

Operate Now: Skin Surgery

It’s a high-pressure job…but someone’s got to do it!

Doc McStuffins And Friends

Doc McStuffins is really crowded today with lots of patients, so she requested your delicate hands and medical skills in helping her around the cabinet and examine all patients. Check up, prescribe the best treatment and have fun with Doc McStuffins today.

Hospital Frenzy 2

The first hospital\'s service was a big success, and has built bigger than previous. Help the nurse to take care of the patients. Reach the daily goals and unlock fancy upgrades for the hospital.rnrnControls:rnClick and hold mouse to drag the patient to the right treatment.

Operate Now: Epilepsy Surgery

Doctor, this patient needs an operation to end her seizures. Get to the OR on the double.

Heart Surgery

Heart surgeons need courage and a steady hand—are you up to it?

Operate Now: Eye Surgery

Scrub up, step into the OR, and prepare for a life-changing operation.

Operate Now: Brain Surgery

As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?

SpongeBob At The Dentist

SpongeBob has decided to change his look and to become a handsome man, so firstly he wants to work on his teeth. They look awful.

Pou Bad Teeth

Right now he needs help from a dentist, so he can have back his glowing smile. Play the dentist role for him and replace the decayed teeth with white teeth and his mom will never know.

Operate Now: Knee Surgery

This young skateboarder has injured his knee and needs surgery. Get down to the OR on the double, Doc.

Ambulance Truck Driver 2

Whee-ooo, whee-ooo, whee-ooo!! The sound of paramedics fills...

Hospital Frenzy

A lot of things happen during a normal hospital service. Take care of all the poor patients and send them to the right treatment. The upperfloor of the hospital will be unlocked in the later levels of this great time management game for girls.rnrnUse the mouse to drag the patient to the right treatment.


WTF Doc is one very strange but entertaining game! You will ...

Doctor Anna Foot

Can you help Anna? She will be very grateful to you ! Come on ! Cleaning up the feet and choose a pair of comfortable shoes.

Hospital Frenzy 2

During the past few days, there is an urgent need of bigger ...

Baby Karl At Dentist

Baby Karl has eaten too many candies and now he has big teeth problems, so he needs to see dentist. Brush his teeth, clean them, heal his cavities and so on in this simulation game.

Operate Now : Tonsil Surgery

Doctor, Doctor ! You need to operate—these tonsils must come out now. Have fum playing online this new simulation game for girls on Fizizi !

Finn At The Doctor

Finn had a horrible accident and was injured. He is badly hurt and needs your help. As a professional doctor, your mission is to help him healing his wounds using medical kit available in the game.

Baby Monster Flu Doctor

Baby Draculaura caught a cold while playing in the rain with her friend so she rushed to the doctor. Go through a complete check up and give her a special treatment for baby monsters. Take her temperature, listen to her heartbeat and give her the right medicine that will cure her flu. Two or three pumps of nasal spray, magical coughing liqueur and a few breaths in the oxygen mask will make baby Draculaura feel brand new. Now that she is all healthy and well again, she can put on the raincoat and go out to play some more with her Monster High baby friend.

Baby Monster Real Dentist

In Baby Monster Real Dentist you must play the role of the doctor and treat the monster\'s tooth quickly, before it gets any worse. The cute baby monster ate so much candy that her tooth started hurting and she rushed to the dentist. First of all brush her teeth to kill the bacteria and then start drilling and treating the bad tooth. The little one may be a baby monster, but she is still afraid of pain. When she starts crying, play with her toys, only then you can continue working on her tooth. Now the cavity is gone and the baby monster will be forever grateful that you healed her tooth

Girl At The Dentist

It looks like the music studio is not the only place where our teenage singer will be going today, she has an appointment at one of the most famous dentist's office. She has some trouble with her teeth, and for the last couple of days she could not support any more pain, so she must get rid of the bad tooth that's upsetting her and also clean her teeth from bacteria and other cavities. Help our girl get her smile back and have fun being a dentist for a day!

Operate Now: Knee Surgery

This young skateboarder has injured his knee and needs surgery. Get down to the OR on the double, Doc.

Operate Now: Dental Surgery

Oh no! It\'s all fun and games until someone chips a tooth. Time to go to the dentist...

Cute Farm Hospital

Help! These farmyard cuties need your veterinary skills to get back on their paws.

Baby Tooth Problems

This baby is having some tooth problems and in this girl dentist game you will need to sort them out and giver her a nice smile with some really white teeth so they will shine in the TV show.

Angela And Tom At The Dentist

Angela and Tom have problems with teeth, and turning to the dental office.You will become the most famous doctor if you manage to solve their problems.Have fun playing this new dentist game for girls

Puppy Pets Exam

This Puppy has stumbled into a big mess and now he hurts everywhere. His whole body hurts. Play doctor and help him get well!

Draculaura Foot Doctor

It needs to be cleaned up and looked after, so use all your utensils to clean, disinfect, band aid the wounds and make Draculaura happy again with a beautiful and healthy foot.

Talking Tom Ambulance

Talking Tom hurt himself.You're the only person in the ambulance, but if you'll follow the doctor's directions, Tom will feel better.

Baby Flu Doctor Care

Wearing thin clothes in the middle of blizzard made the baby feel cold and catch a flu. As she went out on the playground in a beautiful winter day, the disobedient baby took her scarf off along with her cap because she thought they were useless. As the night came, the arctic wind soon transformed into a cold snow storm. She felt so sick that only the doctor could help her, so they rushed to the hospital. Can you heal the disobedient baby in Baby Flu Doctor Care and make her healthy again? She promised to never stay inappropriately dressed in the blizzard from now on.

Sam Bike Accident

Poor Little Sam has come to your hospital for treatment, as he was severely injured due to a bike accident this morning. Check his health condition and treat his injuries. Help him to recover. Have Fun!!.

Nurse Dress Up

Here you can play Nurse Dress Up.

Sponge Bob Ear Doctor

Sponge Bob is at the doctor today because he has a severe ear infection. Let us help him get rid of the pain and treat him so he can be healthy. Follow the right steps and use the right instruments to clean his ear. He will be very happy that you helped him. Enjoy

Baby Hospital

You work as a nurse and you have to take care of children. Youll have to feed them wash them or give them favorite toys when you require it. As you know working as a nurse in a hospital isnt a easy job but is a beautiful job if you like it.

Elsa Eye Care

Looks like even princesses have eye problems. Elsa is at the doctor today because she has eye problems. Be a good doctor and perform s series of tests to figure out what is wrong with Elsa eyes. She is very lucky that you will take care of her.

Doc Mcstuffins At The Dentist

Because she is very busy healing toys McStuffins neglected her own health. Now she is at the dentist with serious teeth problems. Help Mcstuffins get cleanhealthy teeth so she can go on with her job and help more toys.

Draculaura Hand Doctor 2

Draculaura hurt her hand very bad while she was gone camping with her friends. Right now you have to take care of her injured hand. Clean and remove all the splinters from her hand than bandage her broken finger and patch her bruises. Get rid of all the bacterias and heal her infected nail. In the end of the game choose a cute manicure and some fun accessories for Draculaura.

Elsa Ear Doctor

Elsa is feeling a pain in her ear for some time and she must go to the doctor as fast as possible because she can loose her hearing. Use all medical instrument to remove all bacterias and make sure that Elsa will be happy and relaxed. Do not forget that she needs all your attention and patience to get well. Have fun

Barbie Flu Doctor

Barbie is sick and needs your help to get better. She was walking in the park when it started raining. Right now she is at the doctor because she got the flu. Be a great doctor and take her temperaturegive her cough syruphelp her breathe better and listen to her heart. When you are doneBarbie will feel great again.

Moy Eye Care

Moy cant see and read so well now. You are a great doctor and you have to take care of her. Make Moy take all the tests so you can see what type of glasses she needs. Pass all levels and choose the best glasses for Moy.

Barbie Foot Check-Up

You can play Barbie Foot CheckUp in your browser for free. In this game Barbie had an accident that will be needing a foot surgery. Your goal is to help Barbie take a step closer to safety and recovery. Use your tools to examine clean heal and make her leg look pretty again.

Rapunzel Hospital Recovery

Rapunzel felt off the horse and broke a few bones. She also has some serious bruises that cause her a lot of pain. It is a good thing that she made a health insurance last week. Now she can be treated without paying extra money with her credit card the health insurance will cover the treatment. Follow the steps and heal Rapunzel s wounds. Have fun

Baby Snow White At Frozen Hospital

Baby Snow White has no medical insurance and her parents took her to the Frozen Hospital because here she can receive treatment without health insurance. Let us give nurse Elsa a hand and heal baby Snow white. Have fun

Rapunzel Eye Treatment

Rapunzel decided to go to the eye clinic for a full control. Use all the medical tools that you have and give her the best treatment ! At the end, choose some nice frames.

Rapunzel Throat Doctor

Rapunzel has a severe throat infection and she needs a good treatment from the best doctor. Follow the instructions and try to eliminate all the germs and bacteria you find. Make Rapunzel happy and healthy as soon as possible. Have fun

Anna Birth

Anna is ready to deliver her sweet baby. She has a health insurance and she has a full master card. Join her at the hospital and use the tools to make the necessary exams to see if she and the baby feel all right. Follow the instructions and Anna will deliver her baby very soon. Have fun

Elsa Doctor Flu

Help Elsa recover from a severe flu. She feels very sick and she can barely get out of bed. Follow the instructions and use the tools and medicine to heal Elsa and make her happy again. Enjoy

Angela Esthetic Surgery

Angela is in terrible pain after she had an accident. Her face wounds don t look good and she needs immediate help. Follow the instructions and use the surgery tools to sew her big cut and the other medicine to heal her face rash. Enjoy

Tom S Hand Injury

Tom is at the doctor today because he injured his paw badly. Can you help him recover Follow the instructions and use the special medicine to heal each injury. In no time Tom will feel much better.

Baby Rosy Flu Problems

Baby Rosy played outside while it was cold and now she has a severe flu. Use your doctor skills to try and make her recover. Use the doctor tools in the right order and give baby Rosy coughing syrup and an injection to decrease fever. Have fun

Angela Surgery

Angela is in terrible pain after she had an accident. Her face wounds don t look good and she needs immediate help. Follow the instructions and use the surgery tools to sew her big cut and the other medicine to heal her face rash. Enjoy

Baby Barbie Throat Doctor

Baby Barbie has a severe throat pain that is bothering her. Her mom took her to the doctor and you need to take care of her condition. Follow the instructions and use the tools to clean all the bacteria that is causing Barbie pain. Next prepare a natural medicine that will remove the pain. Have fun

Rollerblade Bad Accident

This cute girl bought some new Rollerblade using her credit card. Unfortunately she had an accident and she needs your help. She has no health insurance or medical insurance and you need to treat her. Follow the steps and use the tools to make sure she gets healthy. Have fun

Super Barbie Throat Doctor

Super Barbie watched a documentary about mesothelioma patients and she saw all the medical care and treatment they need. Now she started to think that she might have some sort of sickness because her throat hurts. Help Super Barbie recover so she can forget all about treatment and medical care and mesothelioma.

Dispensary Escape

Just by accident, you recently caused a road accident and no...

Draculaura Baby

Draculaura is starting a new fabulous experience in her life that of becoming a mommy but she has some pains and can not prepare her baggage for the hospital. Show your skills and find all the items for her baby hidden in the room then Draculaura is ready to go to the hospital. Take good care of our monster friend and bring her baby to the world. Use all the tools to make sure both of them are well and healthy be a great doctor and deliver a baby. Monster baby looks so cute so take care of him

Cute Girl Tooth Problems

This cute girl is having some tooth problems in this new dentist game and you will be solving them for her. Use the tools you need to clean her teeth and give her a nice white smile.

Anna Vampire Resurrection

Oh no Anna turned into a hideous vampire after an evil witch caste a spell on her. You can barely recognize her so poor Anna needs our help to regain her natural beauty. Do you best in treating our princess and remove the spell use the instruments and creams and Anna will once again be a lovely normal princess.

Anna Nose Problems

Anna has a nose infection and her health insurance just expired. Until she can renew her health insurance you need to give her the proper medical care. Follow the instructions and use the tools to heal Anna s nose.

The Pet Hospital

Cure the pets by having them to be examined and given the right treatment.

Baby Daisy Got Sick

Baby Daisy got sick after playing outside all day long dressed inadequate now she needs your medical treatment to feel better. After a full check up offer Daisy a magical syrup that will put her back on her fit so she can go outside and play.

Sofia Stomach Surgery

Sofia ate too many sweets and she got a bit sick. After she went to hospital she discovered that she has a stomach virus. She needs a surgery to get rid of the pain and the digestive problems and you have to help her. Follow the instructions and use the medical tools to make Sofia feel better. Have fun

Clawdeen Eye Care

Gorgeous Clawdeen Wolf needs your help in this exciting eye doctor game. She has some problems with her eyesight, so several tests must be done to see what is the problems and decide if she needs glasses. Submit her to several tests and ,at the end, pick up a fabulous pair of glasses.

Patrick At The Dentist

Patrick is SpongeBob s companion at doing silly things but today he cannot join his friend due to a bad toothache. Patrick needs you to fix his decayed teeth so use your tools to make this nice starfish feel better.

Operate Now: Stomach Surgery

Get down to the x-ray room on the double, doc. There’s a patient who needs you.

Angela First Aid

Poor Talking Angela fainted after she smelled a gift from Tom. Help Angela regain her senses. Check her pulseher pupils and perform CPR on Angela. She will be ok thanks to your paramedic skills. Have fun

Arm Surgery 2

Race against time to save a life in this virtual ER!

Healing Talking Tom

Poor Talking Tom ha a minor accident and he is at the hospital. Help him get rid of the pain and heal his injuries. Use the medical tools in the indicated order to prevent infections and to heal his wounds. Have fun

Sofia Arm Surgery

Sofia the First fell from tree while playing with her lovely bunny Clover and now she is in terrible pain. Be the best doctor in the kingdom help Sofia feel better heal her wounds and make the pain go away. Check if any bone was broken then make Sofia look like a beautiful princess again by brushing her hair.

Hospital Escape Game

Imagine that you have been trapped inside a hospital ,Try to escape from that place by using the objects and clues over there.

Draculaura Stomach Surgery

Draculaura ate a little to much and she has food poisoning. She needs to see a doctor and you are the best. Follow the right steps and take good care of Draculaura. Use the medical tools to heal her so she can feel good again. Have fun

Hospital Escape Game

Imagine that you have been trapped inside a hospital ,Try to escape from that place by using the objects and clues over there.

Minion Foot Doctor

Minion injured his foot and he needs a good doctor to treat him. You can help Minion by using the medical tools to treat his wounds. Follow the instructions and cleandisinfect and bandage his foot. In no time Minion will feel much better thanks to you. Enjoy

Doctor Warp Girls

Doctor Warp Girls Got what it takes to become a Celebrity plastic surgeon? Mix and match celebrity faces and mess them up by warping them! Always wanted a nose on your chin? Great! You can also move around the features too! When you are done, you can save a picture of your newly warped Celebrity. In this version you can warp Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart, and Amy Winehouse! Put your surgery gloves on, and get to work!

Baby Lisa Ear Doctor

Sweet baby Lisa woke up feeling really feverish and with a terrible pain in the ear. She is scared so her mother took Lisa immediately to your cabinet for a check up so grab your tools examine the problem and prescribe the best treatment to make Lisa feel happy and well again.

Deadly Doc

Fight off the diseases to survive as long as you can.

Pou Girl In The Ambulance

Ladies are you ready to test your doctor skills in this amazing game Poor Pou Girl had a bad bike accident and hurt herself pretty bad. She is not feeling well so she was taken with the ambulance for an exam and treatment. Pou Girl will feel better if you are by her side so start the treatment and make her well again. Put the oxygen mask to relax Pou Girl and the EKG to monitor her heart beats use the pliers to remove that painful splinter bandage her wounds ice to make the bruise go away and an injection to prevent infections and fever. Pou Girl will be alright thanks to you doc

Organ Transplant 2

How do you know your body? Organ Transplant 2 is a educational game, which you can learn all human organs. First you will learn the location and functions of the organs in the game, then you play the game. You have to place the organs in the right places.rn

Talking Ginger Care

Ginger is very sick and she has fever. You have to take good care of her and do what ever you can to heal her. Use the instruments to clean disinfect and bandage Ginger s wounds. Next give her coughing syrup and medicine to make the fever go away. Finish the game with a cute outfit for Ginger.

Lucy At The Flu Doctor

Lucy played outside when it was cold and now she has flu. Help her get better so she can be happy. Follow the steps and use the medicine to treat Lucy s coughing and runny nose. She will feel much better once you finish giving her the treatment. Have fun

Baby Monster Nose Problems

Baby Monster has some nose problems in this new doctor game and you will need to fix them as you are the best at this. All the tools are ready for you so jump right in and follow the instructions.rnUse the mouse to fix Baby Monsters nose.

Talking Ginger Ambulance

House decorating can be dangerous job if you are not careful. Talking Ginger got really hurt because of that. He is in the ambulance right now and you need to take care of him.Follow the steps and use the tools from ambulance to cleandisinfect and bandage Ginger s wounds. Have fun

Royal Baby Nose Doctor

Do your best to help the royal baby in this nose doctor game as the prince and duchess will be glad to know that you have made their baby healthy. Enjoy your time spent with the cute toddler. rnUse the mouse and follow the instructions to be a great doctor.

Elsa Great Animal Hospital

Elsa loves animals very much and she is decided to make them feel better if they have a problem. Play this fun game and assist Elsa while she heals these cute animals. Follow the instructions and make the animals healthy. Enjoy

Baby Monster Nose Problems

Baby Monster has some nose problems in this new doctor game and you will need to fix them as you are the best at this. All the tools are ready for you so jump right in and follow the instructions.rnUse the mouse to fix Baby Monsters nose.

Baby Anna Frostbites

Anna and Elsa were trying to make Olaf come to life when baby Anna got hurt. She has frostbites because Elsa s spell affected her. Help Elsa and Olaf take good care of baby Anna so she can recover. Follow the instructions and use the medicine to heal Anna s frostbites. Have fun

Monster Baby Nose Doctor

The baby monster needs your help in this new doctor game and you will have to try your best to make it feel better. They are your patients and any monster that will come through those doors will leave healthy and happy.rnUse the mouse to play as a nose doctor.

Tom Hand Emercency

Talking Tom needs a good vet to heal his paws. He was in the park doing his morning jog when he stepped into something and got hurt. You have to use the medical tools one by one in the right order and try to heal him. Cleandisinfect and bandage his wounds. check for fractures and remove the thorns. Have fun

Fairy Ear Doctor

A fairy has a problem with his ear and you have to take her to the doctor. Make sure her hair will be fine again.

Angela Hospital Recovery

Angela was enjoying her day in the park when she had an accident and got injured badly. She needs medicare and treatment from a good doctor. Let us hope her medical insurance covers the treatment because Angela s credit card is empty.

Sofia The First Real Surgery

Sofia feels terrible after she had a car accident. She has an ugly cut on her face and several bruises. She was rushed to the hospital and you have to perform the surgery that will fix her face cut. Work with extreme care and,while Sofia is asleep, disinfect and stitch her wound. When she wakes up she will have a beautiful face again. Have fun!

Baby Juliet Bee Allergy

Baby Juliet was sting by bees and she needs a doctor because she is allergic. Follow the instructions and help Juliet complete all the fun tasks. Next join her in the doctors office and use the creams and medicine to take care of her wounds. In no time she will feel much better and will be ready to play again.

Heal Minion Girl

Minion Girl was riding her bike when she hit a fence and hurt herself. Now she came to you , a great and famous doctor to heal her and make her feel good again. She is crying and her wounds are bad but you are the only one that can save Minion Girl.

Peppa Pig Eyecare

Peppa was walking in the park when something happened and she could not see anymore. Take her to the hospital and make some tests to see what is wrong with her eyes. Use the medical instruments to identify and solve the problem. She will be great when you finish.

Cutie Girl Ear Doctor

This cutie girl will be needing your help in this Doctor game because her ear seems to hurt her a bit and she wants it checked out. You will need to follow the instructions to see what needs to be done. Use the mouse to interact.

Baby Barbie Stomach Surgery

Barbie has a stomach pain and she needs your help to go to the hospital. Once you are there make some tests and use the tools to treat her stomach infection. Barbie will feel much better once you finish. Have fun

Cute Bunny Face Injury

This poor bunny has some sores on the face, and you must help him and heal them. rnFirst he needs to give him an oxygen mask, then clean open wounds and sew the wound where needed. rnFinally he needs some eye drops and will smile again. Good luck!

Injured Sofia The First

Baby Sofia injured herself while she was chasing her bunny. Now you have to take care of her injuries and do all you can to heal her. Use all the necessary items to treat Sofias wounds and she will be well again in no time. Have fun

Rio Blu Is Hurt

Blu is the sweetest and cutest, yet totally domesticated and flightless bird you have ever met, so in his great adventure in the exotic land of Rio he fights bad guys, finds his inner hero and love, and learns to fly, not without having some ugly accidents. Help him recover from his wounds quickly, so Blu can return to his adorable family and explore the world together.

Mommy Angela And Kid

Angela and her baby enjoy the comfy heat of their big bed. Suddenly the kitten is sick and you need to do something and help with its recovery. Use the tools to check the kitten and reduce the heat. Give him the right treatment so its recovery is fast and sure. Have fun

Draculaura Ear Doctor

Draculaura has been feeling really bad lately due to a terrible pain in her ears. She has come to your cabinet for an examination, so use your tools to discover the source of the problem. Once you turn on the flashlight, you find nasty bacterias and ugly infections, so offer her the right treatment and make her feel better.

Heal Injured Talking Tom

Poor Talking Tom ha a minor accident and he is at the hospital. Help him get rid of the pain and heal his injuries. Use the medical tools in the indicated order to prevent infections and to heal his wounds. Have fun

Draculaura Eye Care

Just like every other part of her fabulous body, Draculaura eyes must be checked out to fix her blurry vision problems. Here is your chance to be a great eye doctor in this fun Monster High game, so make sure those adorable eyes stay healthy.

Pony Vet Doctor

Hurry up and heal this cute little pony. He seriously injured itself while flying really close to trees now he needs your medical care. Check his heartbeat take a CT take his temperature then disinfect and bandage his wounds. After the pony is all well make him happy with a nice outfit together with fabulous accessories.

Pou In The Ambulance

Oh no! Pou was rock climbing and he had an accident. His friends called the ambulance and now he is in your care. Use your skills to make Pou better,follow the hints to heal his wounds and when you finish he will be greateful and ready for another fun activity.

Elsa Head Wound

Elsa is in a terrible condition after she hit her head. You have to help her recover as fast as you can. Use the medial instruments and pills to make her feel better. Follow the steps so Elsa will be healed by you and she will smile again. Enjoy

Real Surgery Dora

Dora had an horrible accident and got hurt. You are the best surgeon in town so you have to stitch and heal her. Can you proove that you deserve your title of the best surgeon ? Make Dora smile again and she will be happy again.

Doggy Becomes Mommy

This nice dog is about to have a baby and she needs your help. Gather the things she need and take her to the hospital. Make sure she is not scared and follows the doctor s indications. In just a few minutes she will deliver a cute puppy. Have fun

Tinkerbell Got The Flu

Tinkerbell played in a pond for too long and she did not noticed that the weather got windy and cloudy. Now she got the flu and she feels terrible. Let us help her and use all the medicine and medical instruments we have to heal her. Take her temperature, listen to her heart, check her blood pressure and give her an injection to make the fever drop. Next use the nasal spray and the coughing syrup to help her breathe better. In no time, Tinkerbell will feel much better thanks to you. Enjoy!

Baby Elsa Hand Doctor

Baby Elsa was a bit distracted and got hurt while she was playing. Her hands are full of bruises and wounds. Can you do something to help her She needs a good doctor to make the pain go away and heal her wounds. Follow the steps and use the necessary tools to make Elsa happy and healthy again. Have fun

Cute Nurse Dress Up

Dress up this nurse who is getting ready to go to work at the hospital.

Peppa Pig Ambulance

Peppa Pig got injured while she was learning to ice skate. She needs your medical skills to recover. Use the medical instruments to clean and bandage her wounds. Heal her black eye and use the oxygen mask to help her breathe better. Shortly Peppa will feel much better. Have fun

Cutie Girl Ear Doctor

This cutie girl will be needing your help in this Doctor game because her ear seems to hurt her a bit and she wants it checked out. You will need to follow the instructions to see what needs to be done. Use the mouse to interact.

Monster Skin Care

This lovely couple of monsters where walking through the park on a romantic date when an asteroid fell and injured their faces. You need to a be crazy monster doctor and take care of their skin make them look drop dead gorgeous again and feel better.

Operate Now: Eye Surgery

Scrub up, step into the OR, and prepare for a life-changing operation.

Barbie In The Ambulance

Barbie fell from the tree trying to save her kitty now she needs immediate medical care. Start the ambulance and get going examine Barbie for cuts wounds offer pills for the pain start an IV and take an injection to prevent future infections. Remove the splinter with the pliers clean the wound put a bandage heal the eye bruise with ice and Barbie is as good as new.

Cute Nurse Dress Up

Dress up this nurse who is getting ready to go to work at the hospital.